Trinity Forum Readings

This is our most extensive Readings collection. It offers a wide variety of stories, biographies and essays. This is for someone hoping to improve their library for the benefit of themselves and their families, contribute to the enrichment of their conversations by sharing Readings, or give a meaningful gift to a friend or family member.

This Readings Collection features: 

A Spiritual Pilgrimage, Abraham Lincoln: The Spiritual Growth of a Public Man

Babette's Feast, Democracy in AmericaEx Tenebris, Hannah and Nathan, How Much Land Does a Man Need?

Jesus: A Layman's PrimerJoy Cometh in the Morning, Lessons from History, Man's Search for Meaning,

On Being Human, Politics and the English Language, Purchase of a Soul, Reflections on the Millenium, Revelation,

Sacred and Profane Love, Shantung Compound, Telling Truth to Kings, The Celestial Railroad, The Grand Inquisitor,

The Oak and the Calf, The Oracle of the Dog, The Strangest Story in the World, The Sunflower, The Theory of Moral Sentiments,

The Wager, The White Mare, To Bigotry No Sanction, Two Old Men, Who Stands Fast?, Why Work?, William Wilberforce,

Wrestling with God; Bulletins From Immortality: The Spiritual Poems of Emily Dickinosn, The Divine Comedy,

Handel's Messiah, The Gift of the Magi and Two Thanksgiving Day Gentlemen, Long Walk to Freedom, The Birthmark, The Loss of the University;


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