Trinity Forum Reflections

Fri, May 11 2012
This Sunday is the last that I and thousands of other parishioners will worship at the Sanctuary of The Falls Church in Virginia. Earlier this year, a judge ruled that despite the fact that The Falls Church is older than the Episcopal diocese, and that over 90 percent of the church parishioners voted to leave the Episcopal diocese, the Falls Church – and six other Anglican churches --would be required to turn over its buildings, facilities, and financial assets to the Episcopal Church.
Fri, Apr 6 2012
While Easter may commonly be celebrated with brunches, egg hunts, and candy trappings, properly understood, it should be the most profound and potentially divisive of holidays. Its claims are both extravagant and exclusivist; its assertions strange and supernatural: that God, who came to earth as mortal man, was himself killed to atone for the wrongdoing of others, triumphed over death, and made possible a new way of life for those who want to know Him and follow his example.
Mon, Mar 12 2012
James Q. Wilson’s death last weekend generated a flurry of rightfully laudatory tributes. Wilson was perhaps the most respected political scientist of his generation. His scholarship reshaped approaches to crime prevention and policing, and reaffirmed the importance of virtue for the public good, as well as personal flourishing.
Tue, Feb 14 2012
“I know that love is ultimately the only answer to mankind’s problems…. I’m not talking about emotional bosh when I talk about love. I’m talking about a strong, demanding love.” --Martin Luther King, Jr.
Thu, Jan 19 2012
Each election year typically brings renewed salvos in the ongoing culture wars, and there is little reason to think that 2012 will prove an exception. But in the midst of all the sound and fury that surrounds such battles, it can be easy to overlook less truculent, if no less effective, means of cultural engagement.
Thu, Dec 22 2011
Holiday departures have already begun. Here in Washington, rush hour traffic is slowly (and blessedly) thinning, airports are packed, and offices are clearing out. For the next few days, families will gather to celebrate, shop, open presents, and overeat. And in the midst of the (usually) happy chaos, there will be occasional reminders to recall “the reason for the season.”
Wed, Dec 7 2011
Whatever else may be said of it, Christmas is a wonderful holiday, properly understand: a holy day, full of wonder.
Wed, Dec 7 2011
“Of what happened later in the evening, nothing definite here can be stated. None of the guests later on had any clear remembrance of it. They only knew that the room had been filled with heavenly light, as if a number of small halos had blended into one glorious radiance. Taciturn old people received the gift of tongues; ears that for years had been almost deaf were opened to it. Time itself merged into eternity. Long after midnight, the windows of the house shone like gold, and golden song flowed out into the winter air.” –Isak Dineson, “Babette’s Feast”
Fri, Nov 25 2011
George H. Gallup, Jr. (1930-2011), the son of the founder of Gallup Poll and good friend to the Trinity Forum, passed away this past Wednesday. The Trinity Forum would like to join those who send their condolences to the friends and family of George. We remember with gratitude his many contributions to the work of The Trinity Forum through his wise counsel, research, and Forum participation. We also remember with great respect and fondness his grace, unshakeable kindness to all he encountered, and consistent joy, in addition to his extraordinary work. George’s presence as a faithful servant of Christ will be missed, but his legacy remains and his work continues to bear fruit.
Thu, Nov 24 2011
“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” --G.K. Chesterton